Ways to Tie a Scarf: The Season's Trendiest Accessory

How to Style the Season’s Trendiest Accessory – Silk Scarf

Love scarves but looking for ways to tie a scarf fashionably?

Be it summer or winter, there are many ways to tie a scarf around your neck, bag, and even your head.

A scarf is a versatile little article of clothing worn around the neck for warmth, comfort, and style. Be it a day at the park, college, work, a formal evening, or even a date night, neck scarves complement most outfits or can be a statement piece. While this is true, most of us still struggle with styling ideas and refrain from buying scarves.

So, the first thought here would be, "When do we wear scarves?" Scarves are worn throughout the year, with brighter colours and lighter fabrics complementing the vibrancy of summer, and thicker, warmer scarves providing a nice snuggly feel in winter. They are pretty and don’t add bulk. Scarf trends may change, but natural fabrics and dyes never go out of style. Scarves in bright colours, vibrant patterns, silk, and many textures are hot right now!

There are many simple ways to add oomph to how you tie a scarf around your neck or use it as an accessory. Not only do they come in many different colours and patterns, but they can also add style to any outfit. If you're thinking of wearing a scarf as a neck kerchief, go ahead; that’s a very stylish way to tie a scarf around your neck.

Here are some of our favourite ways to style the silk scarf.

  • The Classic Wrap
  • The simple necktie is an effortlessly stylish way to tie a scarf around your neck. Many styles are combined into one with a slight twist. Simply wrap your scarf around your neck, let it drape down, and loosely tie the ends into a knot at the bottom. You can easily switch up your styling by adjusting the ties of your silk scarf.

    Alternatively, if you like a sharper look, you can try the choker wrap to make it look like a necklace. Fold your silk scarf into a triangle, then roll it up flat. Wrap the folded scarf around your neck and tie a soft knot either beneath the chin or on either side of your neck with the long ends hanging down. Just make sure that the knot and fold lay flat, or the scarf may end up looking bulky.


    Another classic way to tie a scarf around your neck is to drape it over your neck. Fold the scarf in half diagonally, place it over your shoulders with the pointy end at the back, and let the ends hang loosely. There is nothing complicated about this look, and the result is stunning.


  • Silk Scarf Head Wrap
  • A perfectly styled headscarf is a dynamic and classic look. Grab two diagonal corners of your silk scarf and fold it into a triangle. Then, drape it over your head so that the longer edge of the triangle lays flat on the forehead. Next, take the two ends and tie a knot at the base of your head so that the ends fall gently down the back. Isn’t this the perfect head scarf for women? You can play around with bold prints and florals when wrapping a scarf around your head.


    •  As a belt

    A scarf tied as a belt around your waist is a fashionable way to wear one! This could be with a dress, a skirt, formal pants, or even jeans. If you have a loop in your apparel, you can slide the scarf through it and tie a double knot so that the ends drape softly over the side. This can be done with a long scarf or even a square scarf folded to give a graceful or messy flow, depending on what your look needs to be. Well, if you don’t have loops, you can tie them higher on your waist over your dress or top as a style statement.


  • Wrap it around your neck
  • Just like the head scarf style, fold a square scarf diagonally and place it with the pointy end in the front. Then take each end of the longer edge and wrap it around your neck. You can style your scarves this way with dresses, a kurta, and even a blazer or shirt for a more formal look. You can wear it as you like, with the ends over your shoulder or your back.

     Another classic way to tie a scarf is as simple as folding the scarf in half lengthwise, draping it over your shoulder, and threading the loose ends through the open loop, tugging them closer to create a loose knot. This classic way to tie a scarf around your neck works well with both long and square silk scarves.

  • Use it with a flat scarf ring or bangle
  • Do you have that little black, silver, and gold bangle that you haven’t worn in a while or one that you loved back in the day but don’t know how to use now? You do? Awesome, then this style of wrapping a scarf will blow your mind. If you don’t have a scarf ring, you can easily use a flat bangle as an accessory to elevate your silk scarves to the next level without damaging the fabric. Sometimes we struggle with knots, so you can forget the knot when you have a ring. Get going and glam up your silk scarf. Fold the scarf in half into a triangle and place it over your shoulders, with the pointy middle at the back. Next, take the two front ends and loop them through the ring or bangle to secure them in place. You can also do a double loop or crisscross across the ring. There you have it—a stylish twist to the silk scarf—and you are ready for the party!

  • A longer low-hanging knot
  • This is perfect for longer scarves. When we talk about how to tie a scarf around your neck, the longer scarves give you a lot of room to play. You can hang the scarf around your neck with the longer ends tied near your chest or lower. This style works very well with light stoles, too.

    Another way to do this with a longer neck scarf is to drape the scarf once around the neck and tie the ends into a loose knot, and then tie a second knot closer to the first knot, with the ends hanging as they are. The second knot can be artistic or messy, and they work well with collared shirts, kurtas, and dresses too.

  • Use it with a belt
  • Have a long silk scarf and wondering about some new ideas on how to use it. A cool way to style your long silk scarves or even your cotton ones is to have them loosely draped over your shoulders with one end longer than the other. Next, tuck it under your belt, and voila, you are ready for the runway. Working well with both wide and narrow belts, this style jazzes up your look.

  • As a bracelet
  • If you like smaller silk scarves, other than a quick choker wrap, you can wrap them around your wrists as a bracelet. It will be the perfect splash of colour and iconic! Fold the silk scarf in half into a triangle, and then further fold them inwards to create a flat, thin rectangle. Taking both ends, start wrapping them over your wrist and repeat so that the ends are equal in length, and finally secure with a little knot. With little pops of colour, these little bracelets become little pieces of art.

  • Bag Scarf
  • When you love scarves as much as we do, you will surely be looking for newer ways to use your scarves. One style that stands out is not just to use silk scarves as an accessory for your clothes but also for your bag. Wrapping a silk scarf around your bag is a style statement and makes it glamorous. Whether out for coffee with your girlfriends, at an official meeting, out with family, or at a soiree, these versatile silk scarves make for a stylish extravaganza.

    That’s not all. Another way to style a bag scarf and elevate your everyday bag is to tie a knot on one end of the strap, wrap the silk scarf around the strap, and then tie again at the other end for a refined effect, or just let the fabric hang from the other end, giving it some drama.

  • With your ponytail
  • You're going shopping and want to look casual but stylish. In a loose bun or a high ponytail, the silk scarf is a fun accessory to add to your attire. You can easily wrap the silk scarf around your pony or bun and have the long ends hang casually to give it a chic look. Another interesting headscarf style is to fold the scarf diagonally in half, roll it up loosely to form a band, and then tie it over your head like a hairband, with the knot high up on your head or underneath your hair at the back of the skull. 


     When your wardrobe features the versatile silk scarf, you get the ability to transform every outfit into a gala—be creative and let your style take flight. The options are endless. Not to forget, there are no rules and only guidelines to fashion—go with the style that you like the best. Go ahead, don’t shy away from trying these scarf draping styles. We’d love to know which style you are trying today.

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