Our Story

Studio Decorai came about when we, the daughters, decided to share our love for all things art and our mother’s talent with the world. From a dinner time discussion a few decades ago to building a brand bringing art into everyday life.


The never-ending struggles raising three girls alone never dented mom’s genius, and it became her way to cope with it all. As young girls, we were always inspired by her spirit, and growing up, we always pushed her to pursue her dreams. From a few custom art commissions to showcasing her work at exhibitions - bringing art into everyday life drives her to keep creating every day. It all began with a spark of an idea - months of brainstorming, innovating, experimenting every day, till Studio Decorai came into being.


We are Krishna, Kalyani, Anindita, and a little troop of girls – welcome to our store.




Hi, I am Krishna, a mother, designer, and, as my girls say, the backbone of this family. I have always adorned many hats and worn them with splendour. Raising three girls might have kept me busy for years, but it never stopped me from painting every single day. In the last decade, since I have “supposedly” retired, I spend my day creating art for all to enjoy.

I draw my inspiration from nature, culture and its constructive environment - Madhubani, florals, and cataloguing nature from travels. That is why I believe that my art and our products speak the language of people, food, travel, nature, every little thing in life that inspires joy and cherishes memories.

I regularly conduct art workshops for the young, old, and all interested in learning more about India’s folk-art forms and watercolour paintings.

Hello, I am Kalyani, daughter, sister, and mother to two girls. Some say I am the brains behind Studio Decorai – you will find me innovating and experimenting with materials and products every day. Driven by an insatiable love for design and detail – every creation is an expression of love for art and the environment.

My background in art since childhood, coupled with my education in business and years working in the corporate world, helps me blend art and commerce – design products that speak your language and are not found easily. I am inspired by how folk meets modern and our travels around the world – creating a design language of our own.

Hi, I am Anindita, daughter, sister, mom. After nearly two decades of handling projects, design, and clients, I am here with all my knowledge, innovating, enforcing sustainability, and creating little bits of happiness for all – always inspired by nature.

I remember the delight on mom’s face when I surprised her with new products every day for a week – that joy cemented our decision to take Studio Decorai ahead and bring her art and nature into everyday life while working to empower others along the way. 

Since our home became the studio during this lockdown, we have three little and not so little helpers, assisting us in cutting, cleaning, packaging, and dispatching with love, every day.