Collection: Envelopes

Gift and money envelopes are perfect for all seasons.

Beautiful floral patterns in gorgeous dark and light hues complimented with personalisation make our limited-edition, handmade envelopes perfect for any occasion. Our handmade paper envelopes are designed to be sturdy yet elegant, and they are just the envelopes for money gifts you need to wish your loved ones happiness.


1. How do you make a handmade paper envelope?

Each handmade paper envelope is made with premium 220+ gsm imported paper stock. Each artwork is original, created by hand in our studio, and then translated into a digital style to give you an elegant and beautifully designed envelope. 

2. What colours do we use to make these handmade envelopes?

Our handmade envelopes are made using premium 220+ gsm paper stock and printed on state-of-the-art machines to retain the colours. Each artwork is originally created in our studio and comes with a light textural background for a rich look and feel.

 3. Which paper material is used to make an envelope?

Each handmade envelope is made using premium 220+ gsm imported paper stock. 

 4. Why are our handmade nature-themed envelopes ideal for gifting? 

Our collection of handmade envelopes is inspired by the beauty and little nuances of nature. Walking through the wildflowers and seeing dainty little daisies come to life in a splash of watercolours Our handmade envelopes are reminiscent of wonderful memories and create many more when you gift with them. Each envelope set contains 10 envelopes.

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