Collection: Accessories

Buy the latest accessories to style and store.

These accessories are a great addition to your wardrobe, from custom-made teak wood jewellery boxes to limited-edition silk scarves and pouches.

Like all of us have and need basic clothing items that become our go-to styling essentials, our wardrobes also need some gorgeous items that can store our go-to accessorizing essentials.

Wooden jewellery boxes:
Our handmade wooden jewellery boxes are little boxes of wonder deep enough to store your larger pieces without them getting damaged. They are also elegant enough to have pride of place on your dresser or nightstand. Each handmade wooden jewellery box at Studio Decorai is made of teak wood with artwork created in-house. We can customize our handmade jewellery boxes with partitions and a premium fabric lining to store bracelets and other jewellery requiring extra attention. With minimum clutter, these handmade wooden jewellery boxes help you store your beloved jewellery and trinkets safely. They can also be a wonderful box to store your keepsakes and memories safely.

We offer a limited-edition range of elegant silk and leather pouches. As well as being a travel pouch, these pouches can be used as a statement piece to complement any outfit. Whether it's the best-selling chotto pakhi silk pouch or the bhagalpuri silk pouch with our own artwork exclusively for you, every handmade silk pouch is made using upcycled genuine leather, premium linen silk, chanderi silk, or bhagalpuri silk.

Each scarf is individually handcrafted; the combination of stunning colours and vibrant artwork complement the natural feel and texture of silk, making the scarf glamorous, trendy, and a fashion statement. Expertly crafted, each elegantly designed scarf also makes the perfect gift for birthdays, valentines, galentines, mother’s day, women’s day, and every other day you can think of. 

Our focus on quality and materials makes Studio Decorai the shop of choice when looking for accessories online in India and across the globe.


  1. What kind of accessories does Studio Decorai make? 

At Studio Decorai, all online accessories are inspired by nature, culture, and the wonders of the natural world. From little handmade wooden jewellery boxes to store your knickknacks and jewellery to purses, clutches, and gorgeous silk scarves, our repertoire of accessories is wide and ever-growing.

  1. What material do we use to make our pouches? 

Our pouches are made of genuine top-grain leather, pure silk, and other responsibly sourced materials. We use premium YKK hardware for all our pouches.

  1. What colours do we use to paint with our hand-painted accessories?

At Studio Decorai, we use premium professional quality watercolour paints to paint our artworks and then transfer them to durable materials with premium quality prints for inlaying them in our watch boxes. For finesse and durability, all hand-painted pouches are painted and finished using premium Angelus brand leather and acrylic paints.

  1. What kind of wood are handmade wooden jewellery boxes made of?

Our handmade wooden jewellery boxes are made of teakwood and then polished to perfection. Each wooden jewellery box is uniquely made to show the natural grain of the wood and is deep enough to store your jewellery comfortably.

  1. How are our handmade silk scarves made?

Our 100% silk scarves are made of premium chiffon and Chinon silk. Being a lightweight natural material, silk scarves work well both in summer and winter. Each artwork is uniquely created in our studio and then printed in a state-of-the-art, digital printing press to ensure high-quality colours on these silk scarves.

  1. How are our hand-painted silk scarves made? 

All handmade silk scarf designs are created in-house at Studio Decorai on premium handmade paper with high-quality watercolours. Our designs and each individually created pattern are then digitally printed using state-of-the-art digital printing machines to retain the colours of the artwork on each handmade silk scarf. Every crepe, chiffon, and mulberry silk scarf and dupatta with hand-stitched borders goes through a stringent quality process and is created with pure silk fabric that is responsibly sourced.

  1. What are the different ways to style your silk scarves?

Many of us struggle with styling and accessorizing with scarves. If you are wondering how to style your scarves, fret not, head on over to our blog, to learn many ways of styling your scarf for maximum glamour.

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