What Makes the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for Him/Her Online

What Makes the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for Him/Her Online

It's January already, and that means Valentine's Day 2023 is right here. Our hearts are racing as we try to choose the perfect gift for our significant others and for the lovely people in our lives. 

Yes, you can easily get a box of heart-shaped chocolates and pretty flowers at your local store, but would you really like to do that? Your favourite person deserves a thoughtful gift – we know that it isn’t always easy to find. No matter who, your Valentine, or Galentine, we have you covered with gifts for all the most important people in your life this year! 

They say that 'like sunshine, love my valentine' and our signature collection of valentine’s day gifts for the special girl and guy will make them jump with joy. Celebrating love and gifting your loved ones something that will portray your feelings and emotions, an experience that you can share together. We have included some sweet gift ideas for you to choose from and not break your bank – some sweet and serious, others not as much. 

Now without further ado, keep reading to learn all about our little gifts curated for special valentine’s day ideas for her and him!

1. Leather Watch Boxes

One of our bestselling gifts for all seasons, this beautiful, handcrafted leather watch box is a perfect valentine’s day gift for him or her. If your partner loves watches, he will surely love this watch box where he can store his watches in style. Made of genuine top-grain leather, this gift comes in several colour and art options. With statement artworks – nautical, botanical or one with a cultural influence, you can choose one that suits your valentine best. More so, each watch box can be further customised with initials on the artwork or on a steel etched plate to always remember you. Let him feel pampered with this bespoke leather watch box – the best valentine's gift for your boyfriend.

And for a valentine's day gift for her, you can customise them further to store both watches and jewellery like bracelets and neckpieces around the soft cushions.They will love seeing these watch boxes in their room every day.

2. Coffee Mugs and Coaster Set – Perfect for Him and Her

If their idea of a great time is a cup of coffee over their favourite book, our curated gift set of nature-themed frosted coffee cups with your own coaster set is a thoughtful gift. Be at home, at the park, at college, or even out for a little picnic, you can set up a cute picnic with her favourite coffee and books, or even a wine and cheese date night to make a cute valentine’s day date itself. 

Each coaster set comes with a quirky little message on a nature-themed base – perfect for him and her, (wink wink), these cute messages are sure to please.

3. Scarves

Did you know one of the top 10 valentine's gifts for her are things that make her happy. It’s winter, after all. Valentine’s day gift ideas for her include silk scarves – being a natural material, they work well both in summer and winter and can be paired for a casual movie date or dressing up for a cocktail evening out. They are minimalist enough to wear every day and yet add that little oomph when they want it. Taking a trip together soon? Gift her a cute scarf – they would be perfect for your upcoming vacation or a romantic getaway.

If you are celebrating Galentines, what is better than a beautiful floral scarf for all the wonderful women in your life? Trust us, she’ll appreciate it.

4. Shot Glasses and Wine Glasses

Charm your significant other with some frosted shot glasses and custom wine glasses, which come with their own quirky coaster set. (wink wink, they will appreciate it). With nature-themed art on the glasses and a quirky message for your significant other, it will be the best Valentine's day gift for your boyfriend—messages to savour forever. You can do this at affordable prices. 

5. Personalised Stationery

Do you have a significant other that loves writing? Thinking of getting a note from her? Then, the perfect valentine’s day gift for her would be a stylish personalised stationery set, where she can always send you little notes. Be it a little personal note, thank you card, a long letter, or even a notepad to capture her thoughts through the day – getting a personalised stationery set as a valentine’s day gift for her is sensible, useful, and forever thoughtful. She’d love it.

6. Personalized Multipurpose Pouch

Lastly, if your significant other or Galentine is someone who loves to be organised, this pouch is a great gift! Made of genuine silk and leather, each pouch is perfect for storing anything from your travel essentials, and toiletries, to that little extra in your handbag. This personalised multi-purpose pouch is stylish, handy, and spacious. In addition, each pouch comes with custom hand-painted art and can be further customised to have your valentine’s name painted on it.

Each of our curated valentine’s day gift boxes includes a complimentary note card with a message of your choice. They can be a reminder of how much you love them.

We recommend that you start looking for your valentine's day gift online at least two weeks before the occasion, so you don’t have to struggle with price surges. Look across all shopping platforms and choose the gift most appropriate to you and compare prices once you have decided what to get this valentine’s day. If you really like something, don’t think twice before splurging that little extra to make the day more memorable. However, it doesn’t take much to put some thought into a wonderful little gift. After all, it just takes a little bit to make someone feel special and is all about the thought. We hope this helps you find the “perfect handcrafted valentine's day gift” online. 

Not to forget, don’t forget to plan a wonderful day with them as well.

So, go ahead, and surprise someone you love with a curated Valentine's Day gift online

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