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Buy the latest handmade trivet sets online at Studio Decorai.

These pretty little trivet sets add to the beauty of your home.

Do you know what is underappreciated at your dining table and in the kitchen? A must-have tool: trivets. They are essential, but not all use them. How about getting yourself a beautiful and versatile set of handmade wooden trivets from Studio Decorai? Each artfully made trivet set is hand painted and printed on premium medium-density board, then double laminated for a longer life to bring happiness and sunshine to your home. 

Setting up for a party, decorating your coffee table, styling your console table with candles, or even your regular mealtimes necessitate the use of appropriate tableware for your home. The visual wonder of food and the aesthetics of your home is enhanced by cheerful and lovely wooden trivets.

At Studio Decorai, we have handmade wooden trivets that are eye-catching and joyful and add an accent to your home. We always believe less is more, and a few select colours and accents placed in the right places can elevate your home. Our trivet sets add small authentic details that aren't just for decoration but also add a unique style and charm to your home. 

A stylish way to add charm to your mealtime, our upcycled wooden trivets are inspired by all the elements and wonders of nature. They are not just a hot utensil stand for your dining table, but they protect your tables from those pesky moisture rings and enhance the style. After all, there’s something wonderful about nature on your tabletop. Our handmade wooden trivets don’t just protect your glass or wood tabletop, they also leave a fantastic impression on you and your guests. They are also an excellent way to add pops of colour and patterns around the house. You can easily pair handmade coasters and napkins in elegant neutrals to give your dining room a sophisticated and rich feel.

Our handcrafted wooden trivets are made from upcycled wood and medium-density fibreboard that has been responsibly sourced, and they feature nature-themed artwork created in-house in our studio. From vibrant florals to intricate Madhubani patterns, our wooden trivets bring designs that elevate your style and look stunning on your dining table. 

These square trivets can be used as a safe base to display your collection of luxury candles, knickknacks, and even your favourite display pieces on your desk or counter.

Our trivet sets are handcrafted individually and can be paired with our other homeware, available separately, to create the perfect dining set-up. Pair our trivets with matching cutlery holders, coasters, and tablemats for inspired festive or cocktail party décor. 

So, if you are looking for beautiful trivets to decorate every table or provide a secure spot for your bottles, carafe, or even vases, you are at the right place. 

Check out our other handmade homeware too. From wooden trays to cutlery holders and coasters, our handmade products add beauty to your home and uplift your office.



  1. What is a handmade trivet used for?

Trivets protect your tables and countertops from heat damage from your cast iron cookware, bakeware, and other warm serving dishes. They are the perfect spot to place your goodies on your dining table. Yes, they are essential protection for your countertops and dining table, but these handmade trivets can be the focal design pieces for your tables as well. Whether stone, wood, metal, silicon or marble, there are plenty of materials available that will enhance your dining spaces and protect them as well.

  1. What is the best finish for wood trivets?

There are various types of wooden trivets available online. Whether a simple wood design or detailed artwork on the top, wooden trivets are a lovely choice to add sophistication to your table. At Studio Decorai, our handmade trivets come with detailed eye-catching artwork that adds elegance to your kitchen and dining space.

  1. How thick should a wooden trivet be?

Wooden trivets provide modern organic beauty to tabletops and should have a minimum height of 5 mm. 

  1. Does Studio Decorai have a range of matching handmade Coasters, Trivets, and trays?

Why go for the usual when you can have a collection of matching serve ware, coasters, trivets, trays, and cutlery holders to have the perfect setup for a party, get-together or festive celebration? At Studio Decorai, we have a range of artworks and nature-themed homeware that can be combined and also available in various combinations. Our best-selling homeware combos are the Matsya and Sunset Dancers collection from the Madhubani range, and the Steel Magnolias, Lilac Lilies, Splash of Red and the Blue Daze collection from our water colours range. You can also mix and match various designs to create your unique style with our handmade products.

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