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Dining in style with these elegant placemats

Setting up for a party, a day in, or your regular mealtimes necessitates the use of appropriate tableware for your home. The visual wonder of food and the aesthetics of your home is enhanced by cheerful and lovely wooden table mats.

 At Studio Decorai, we have handmade table mats that are eye-catching and joyful and add an accent to your dining table. A stylish way to add charm to your mealtime, our upcycled wooden table mats are inspired by all the elements and wonders of nature. After all, there’s something wonderful about nature on your tabletop. Our handmade table mats don’t just protect your glass or wood tabletop, they instantly brighten your dining area. They are also an excellent way to add pops of colour and patterns around the house. You can easily pair handmade coasters and napkins in elegant neutrals to give your dining room a sophisticated and rich feel.

Our handmade table mats are made from upcycled wood and MDF that are responsibly sourced and feature nature-themed artwork that is created in-house in our studio. From vibrant florals to intricate Madhubani patterns, our handmade table mats bring designs that elevate your style and look stunning on your dining table. Also, our smaller multipurpose mats can be used as a base to display your candles or curiosities on your desk or countertop.

The wooden table mats are handcrafted individually and can be paired with other homeware available separately to create the perfect dining set-up. Pair the table mats with matching trays, coasters, trivets, and cutlery holders for the right festive or cocktail party décor. So, if you are looking for the prettiest table mats online that are elegant and modern, you are at the right place.

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  • What is a table mat?
  •  Table mats, also called placemats, are individual mats that are placed directly on the table or tablecloth. They don’t replace the tablecloth but accentuate the tablecloth and brighten the space. 

  • What material are the table mats made of?
  • At Studio Decorai, all handmade table mats are made of upcycled wood and highly compressed MDF, with a double-laminated print of our artwork on the top. 

  • What colours do we use to paint our hand-painted table mats?
  • All wooden table mat designs are created in-house at Studio Decorai on premium handmade paper and high-quality watercolours. Our designs are then printed using state-of-the-art digital printing machines to retain the colours of the artwork on each handmade table mat.

  • How many placemats come in one pack?
  • Each handmade placemat from Studio Decorai can be purchased individually or in a set of six for the most elegant party setting. 

  • What is the shipping cost of the table mats?
  • Shipping is free for all orders above INR 2500. A shipping charge applies to all orders below INR 2500.

  • What are the best-selling products in cutlery holders?
  • The Valley of Flowers set of table mats, the Magnolia Blossom set of table mats, the Colours of Spring set of table mats, the Lilac Lilies set of table mats, and the Red Wonderland set of table mats are this month’s best-selling products in the wooden table mat category.

    1. Why should you buy table mats from Studio Decorai?

    Handmade table mats from Studio Decorai will transform your tabletop. Not only do they add colour and sparkle to your table, but they are also heat resistant and work beautifully in any setup. The elegant artwork adds a classic elegance that complements your home décor.

    • Care Instructions
      Please do not wash or soak the handcrafted table mats in water. Wipe the handmade table mats with a damp cloth to clean them.


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