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Buy the latest handmade wooden trays online at Studio Decorai.

These beautiful, nature-inspired fancy trays are the perfect addition to your home.

Wooden serving trays and decorative fancy trays are quintessential to our homes, and one can never have enough trays to set their home. If you would like to style up your home, you should never forget the wonder that decorative and handpainted trays bring.

Be it to serve or elevate the style, wooden serving trays come in various forms and sizes. With beautiful artwork on each tray, fancy trays are versatile and can be used across your home—on your console table, kitchen, desk, coffee table, and even dresser to display your trinkets. The options are plenty. Your gathering of family and friends will be impressed with how you style your handpainted trays around your home or use them as a tray for the kitchen.

Our range of wooden fancy trays is inspired by nature and culture, from floral to fauna, with detailed patterns that look stunning on your tables. Think vibrant florals and birds and intricate Madhubani artworks that uplift the aesthetics of your home.

Not just for serving, our fancy trays add a statement to your home with a splash of colour where needed. Studio Decorai has several styles that elevate the experience of serving or decorating your home—vibrant colours, bold prints, and subtle styles to choose from.

Our wooden fancy trays available online are made of sustainably sourced teak wood and come with our bespoke artwork. They are designed to serve and decorate your home, making them an ideal addition to your home and office so that you will have it right there when you look for it—well, even better if the space looks attractive. Our trays organise the smallest trinket to serve their original purpose—there is always a place for everything.

At Studio Decorai, all our trays are made with artwork originally handpainted and then printed and lacquered for a longer life. Each wooden fancy tray and the handpainted tray are handcrafted individually and can be paired with other homeware available separately for the perfect dining setup. Pair the wooden fancy trays with matching cutlery holders, trivets, and placemats for the perfect festive or cocktail party décor.

Studio Decorai’s bestselling trays for kitchens this season are the Dance of Lazuli, Blue Birds in Conversation, Matsya – a tale of fish, Flame of the Forest, Sunset Dancers, Little Blu from the East, and the Lilac Lilies.

 Check out our other handmade homeware too. From wooden cutlery holders to table mats and coasters, our handmade products add beauty to your home and uplift your office. 


1. Why are serving trays important?

There’s just no looking back once you start using a serving tray, and of course, knowing why they are so important to every household is key. They make transporting those little glasses of water, tea, coffee, or even food so much easier. They are the one-stop serving solution and steal the show when used to hold knickknacks and trinkets around the house. 

2. What are decorative trays?

Be it a family gathering or when you want to invite people to your home, you definitely want it to look beautiful. From the cushions to the curtains and even the way you style your doorway, dining table, and coffee table, we often forget the value that a decorative tray brings to each home. Whether you're arranging your collection of candles and keys or even setting up little jars on your dining table, decorative trays maximize the aesthetics of your home. 

3. What types of trays are available?

Our handmade wooden trays for kitchen and fancy trays are available in rectangular, square, and circular styles. All our trays are infused with our original, bespoke artwork.  

4. Which material are our handmade trays made of?

The wooden trays are handcrafted from responsibly sourced teak wood. Each fancy wooden tray is handcrafted and comes with a print of our original artwork that has been protected with glass for a superior finish. Our handmade wooden serving trays are made of teakwood with lacquered artwork for a longer life.

  • Care Instructions
    Please do not wash the wooden serving trays or fancy trays or put them under running water. Wipe the wooden, hand-painted trays with a damp cloth to clean them.
  • Delivery:
    Each wooden tray is completely handcrafted. While most tableware and homeware are dispatched within 2-4 business days, in some cases and for custom orders, the dispatch may take up to 5-7 business days.

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