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Notebooks, big and small

 A stationery stash is never complete without a dozen or more beautiful sheets and wonderfully designed notebooks for every occasion: doodling, jotting down your thoughts, travelling, making lists, and planning your projects. Each customized handmade notebook at Studio Decorai is individually handcrafted in India to brighten your desks.

Little things make a big difference, and little things like blooms can brighten our days like nothing else. So, why not use these blooms on our stationery? That’s how our stationery collection of customized handmade notebooks came to fruition. We were looking for something that was not boring, had beautiful artwork, and made our days bright like sunshine. Studio Decorai’s handmade notebooks are nature-inspired and now infused into wonderful, fancy notebooks that can be used anywhere. Use our colourful, nature-inspired handmade notebooks in a portable A5 size for journaling, doodling, and even planning your projects.

Customized Handmade notebooks and fancy notebooks are also brilliant gifts. With amazing, unique, and fresh designs on your handmade notebooks, everyone would be asking where you got yours from. With a handmade notebook looking as beautiful as ours does, your creative juices would be flowing non-stop. Nature-inspired and handmade notebooks are the way to go. Studio Decorai’s handmade notebooks are a great way to organize little bits of your life. Yes, our handmade notebooks are light and compact enough to be carried with you.

So, if you are looking for creative handmade notebooks and fancy notebooks for yourself and like-minded folks, you are at the right place. If you love birds, you will love the Hoot On, All About Blue, Sweet Nectar, and Dance of the Lazuli collections of customized handmade notebooks. Want something a little more masculine? Then our Soaring High, Madagascar, and Wild & Free fancy notebooks are where you’d find it.

If you love your blooms and are looking for something more tranquil, have a look at Serenity, Lilies, and Pink Frangipani from our bestselling collection of customized handmade notebooks. The Koi Pond could be your notebook of choice if you are one who loves water.

It doesn’t matter if you love being indoors or are always on the go; these bits of nature are perfectly packed in our travel-friendly customized handmade notebooks. 

Each fancy notebook is available in hardback and softback covers—perfect for those who love to doodle, jot down their thoughts, and even sketch. Notebooks from us are portable and versatile enough to carry anywhere.

Studio Decorai is your go-to for all things home, gifting, lifestyle accessories, and, of course, stationery, thanks to our unique, nature-inspired artwork across products. Check out our other handmade and personalized stationery as well. From custom names to money envelopes, our stationery resonates with all and brings nature into everyday life.


1. Why buy handmade notebooks from Studio Decorai?

With a love for fine stationery and a fresh and unique perspective, our collection of notebooks is exclusive and always draws the attention of doodlers, artists, and all who love to write, document, or sketch. Each handmade customized notebook is lovingly handmade in small batches at Studio Decorai. All our fancy notebooks come with exclusive nature-themed designs and whimsical touches that are created in-house and covers printed on premium acid-free paper. All designs are created by us in our studio, and we do not resell other companies' products. You can rest assured that you are in good hands.

 2. Which type of notebook covers are offered by Studio Decorai: hard or soft cover?

Our handmade notebooks at Studio Decorai are available in both hardcover and softcover styles. The covers are printed on premium 250 gsm paper and available with a matte finish.

3. How many pages do these handmade notebooks have?            

Our handmade notebooks come with 100 pages and an option for ruled or unruled sheets. Each notebook is crafted from high-quality 100 gsm paper.

4. What is the size of our handmade notebooks?

Our standard hardback and softback notebooks are of A5 size [5.8 inches x 8.26 inches]. Our pocket-sized notebooks are of A6 size and available in limited designs.

5. What colors do we use to make these handmade notebooks?

All designs are created in-house at Studio Decorai on premium handmade paper and high-quality water colors. Our designs are then printed on premium-quality paper for our handmade notebooks.

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