10 Handmade Gifts for Women's Day Ideas Online

Top 10 Handmade Women’s Day Gift Ideas

Women deserve the world!

Every year, International Women’s Day is celebrated globally, and this day gives us the perfect chance to thank the lovely women in our lives. This day is also significant to us as a women-owned design studio. Having the chance to thank and congratulate their achievements with a gift is even better.

 We will give you many glimpses of our specially curated gift boxes and gifting ideas for the year to send to all the important people in your lives. Along the same lines, our new collections are all centered around nature, are aesthetically pleasing, are uniquely handmade, and are perfect as women’s day gifts.

So, what women's day gifts are you getting for your mother, sister, wife, aunt, grandma, daughters, nieces, friends, girlfriends, and all the other wonderful women in your life?Below is a list of 10 lovely Women’s Day gift ideas for you that add a personal touch and celebrate your unique relationship. Read on and see which one of the awesome women in your life will like the most!

  • Silk Scarves

Nothing says you've got this girl like pretty scarves that glam you up—from summer blooms to dusky evenings, our collection of pure silk scarves is the perfect way to ignite that glow. Our best-selling scarves this season that would be perfect as women’s day special gifts are the Krishna Leela Madhubani Silk Scarf, Dahlia Dusk Scarf, Sunshine Blue Silk Scarf, Meadows of Love Silk Dupattas, and the Camellia Chloris Silk Scarf.

This versatile layer can be worn all year. They are the sweetest treat to celebrate her wins, whether at work or in life.

  • Candles

Wonder and therapy in a box! Our brand new Women's Day special gifts collection includes lovely little aromatherapy candles and a wide variety of fragrances that elevate the ordinary.

Refreshing and upbeat, each of our themed candle gift boxes is adorned with some of nature’s sweetest scents and coasters to put a smile on her face and brighten up her day!

If she’s one of those people who loves candles, with so many fragrances to choose from, you’ll definitely find one she doesn’t have yet. 

  • Jewellery Box

We hate to break this to you, but she can never have enough jewellery. One of our bestselling handmade gifts, our delicate designs on teak wood boxes, are all the rage this year. Celebrating all things feminine, this Women’s Day special gift will leave her in utter awe of you. Treat her to this cute jewellery and multipurpose boxes where she can store her jewellery, make-up, knickknacks, and more.

They look beautiful on their own and will bring her so much joy! Well, it can also be a statement piece on her dresser or desk.

  • Watch Box

Whether or not she’s a girly girl, all women enjoy a little extra TLC. If you are shopping for a watch lover, get her game on with our best-selling watch boxes that make the perfect Women’s Day gift for your wife, mother, sister, daughter, or friend. Made of premium hand-milled top-grain leather, our leather watch boxes will keep her timepieces safe and sound. She’d love having them on the dresser.

As gifts, they can be personalised with a name, initials, or a special message for her. Depending on her colour preferences, you can choose from our bestselling Black Beauty, Burgundy, Champagne, Jade, Sapphire, and Star Gazer collections, with artwork inspirations ranging from florals and nautical to Madhubani and Egyptian art. These watch boxes will be the perfect addition to her collection.

  • Notebooks

The lovely woman who loves writing as much as decorating her desk needs our adorable notebooks. From listing her tasks to doodling, sketching, journalling, and writing little notes, our notebooks make perfect women’s day gifts for the special women in your life. These notebooks can help her plan her day at work, remember schedules, and note the lovely aspects of her life.

 Chances are she’s seen them online, and we are sure she’d love receiving one. You can pick from our collection of best-selling notebooks like The Lilies, All About Blue, Tropical Rainforest, Koi Pond, Hoot On, Ray of Hope, Pink Frangipani, Serenity, or even Madagascar. Yes, they can be personalised too!

  • Mugs

Self-care mornings are about to get better.

Is she one who loves her morning cuppa’ tea or coffee? Yes? She’ll then utterly love our collection of mugs. These mugs, from little watercolour beauties to nature's best, are the ideal handmade gifts for Women's Day. She will love wrapping her fingers around these mugs for a feeling of absolute serenity.

Our all-new collection of mugs with handmade and custom art, ranging from florals to birds and intricate Madhubani designs infused into your daily dose of coffee at Studio Decorai, are wonderful women’s day gifts.

  • Shot Glasses and Wine Glasses

Ah, the glasses of the moment!

Surprise her with these adorable shot glasses or wine glasses. She’d love our feminine take on the shot glass. She’d want to start using them instantly. Let’s get the party started. Yes, you can get cute coasters to match them as well. She’d surely appreciate it!

With nature-themed art on these glasses, there’s no denying that these are super chic. 

  • Personalised Stationery

Packed full of tools for that perfect letter, our signature personalised stationery boxes make lovely, curated women’s day special gifts and are a treasure trove of fun. Let her get creative with our stylish, personalised stationery sets, where she can send little notes. A personalised stationery set as a women's day gift for her is sensible, useful, and always thoughtful, whether it's a personal note, thank-you card, long letter, or even a notepad to capture her thoughts throughout the day. She’d love it.

  • Personalised Multipurpose Pouch

The way our handmade gifts have won the hearts of many, our personalised multipurpose pouch would be a fabulous handmade gift for the woman who is super organised and loves travelling. Plus, this versatile pouch can be styled for many occasions—she'd be elated to receive this one.

Made of genuine silk and leather, each pouch is perfect for storing anything from your travel essentials and toiletries to that little extra in your handbag. This personalised multi-purpose pouch is stylish, handy, and spacious, and it makes splendid handmade gifts for women’s day.

  • Coasters

Is she the life of every party, the fun hostess, a décor diva, or a dog mama? Yes? Then our collection of handmade coasters is for you. Our handmade coasters will make the ideal handmade gifts for women's day, with designs ranging from watercolour florals and birds to intricately designed Madhubani art and quirky artwork. Be it for your wife, mother, girlfriend, sister, daughter, grandma, aunt, or niece, our coaster can be enjoyed by all.

 So go ahead, evaluate her personality, and gift her something she’d love.

Last but not least, all our gifts are curated by women for women—the ultimate way to honor and celebrate the women in our lives! We hope this helps you find the "perfect handmade gifts for women’s day" online.

Not to forget, do plan a wonderful day with your special women as well—go pamper them!

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