Handmade Home Décor Items Online

The Best Handmade Home Décor Items Online

Bring the outside in or enjoy a pleasant day reading a book in your garden—the right kind of handmade home décor can liven up your mind, body, and, of course, day. Whether a home has expansive spaces or a minimalist style, your style for home décor makes all the difference.

For those of you who love mixing homeware, exploring colour options, and expressing yourself through little and not-so-little bits of your home, handmade home décor and other handcrafted products for the home are your answer. If you ask us, there is no better way to brighten and liven up your space than with nature—be it fresh blooms, nature-themed art, or attractive handmade items.

Handmade home décor is the perfect way to refresh your space and add a splash of colour with charming and lovable handmade items. Home décor makes the difference between a house and a home, and you can add some individuality to your home with our fabulous selection of handmade home décor and accessories.

At Studio Decorai, we create unique, handmade home décor to turn your house into a home. Our current repertoire of stunning handcrafted home décor and accessories ranges from handmade table mats, wooden trays, wooden cutlery holders, handmade coasters, coffee mugs, and handmade jewellery boxes to myriad handmade items and wearable art like watch boxes, scarves, and dupattas.

When we think of handmade home décor, the first thing that comes to mind is wooden home décor. From maximalist furniture to small items like serve ware and tableware to tiny artefacts that make a home, wooden home décor can take many forms. It could be a handmade jewellery box on your dresser or a handmade wooden tray to store your keys and coins on the entryway console. It could even be a wooden cutlery holder on your tabletop or countertop.

It is easy to find ideas and resources for the best handmade home décor available and in style these days. You can keep your creative juices flowing and make your best home this season with these handmade home décor ideas. We have everything you are looking for, from stylish ceramics to handmade coasters. Here’s a look at some of the best handmade home décor and handmade items available online at Studio Decorai.

  • Trays

As you probably already know, we do love a bit of nature and culture thrown into all our artwork. If you are someone who loves bits of nature and culture around the home, our collection of decorative and serving trays is just for you. From teakwood trays with glass tops to trays with lacquered finishes, we have them all. Of course, all are infused with our exclusively created artwork. Detailed Madhubani artwork inspired by the culture and nature-themed wooden home décor will liven up your homes and be the conversation starters at your soirees. Our top picks from this season’s trays are The Sunset Dancers, Steel Magnolias, Dance of the Lazulis, and Birds in Conversation, Little Blu from the East.


  • Cutlery Holders

Many times, while at the dining table or your office desk, enough floor space is hard to come by. You may be looking for appropriate cutlery to serve or taste your food, as well as a container to store your stationery in. Using wooden cutlery holders adds storage space and makes it easy to find what you need. In addition to being a cutlery holder, you can also use them as a stationery holder or a brush and pen holder for artists. Our bestselling cutlery holders this year are the Sunset Dancers wooden cutlery holders, Splash of Flowers cutlery holders, Blue Daze Cutlery Holders, and the Magnolia Blossom wooden cutlery holders, which are functional, modern, and stylish.

  • Table Mats

We wouldn’t think twice about dressing our bed, living room, sofas, or even walls. But when it comes to our dining room table, we forget it needs a little love too. Yes, placemats have their utility as well, but why not make them look gorgeous while being practical? Who says practical can’t be pretty? At Studio Decorai, our handmade table mats are made of premium MDF and double-laminated to protect the artwork from heat and improve its resistance to staining. These handmade table mats are also the perfect housewarming gifts or wedding gifts for newlyweds in their new homes. Our best-selling handmade table mats this season are the Valley of Flowers, Ray of Hope, and Lilac Lilies, in combination with their matching trays and cutlery holders.

  • Trivets

Our handcrafted, nature-inspired trivets are the ideal way to keep pesky stains off your surfaces while also adding a touch of boho chic to your home. It’s all in the detail, and a trend that we have been seeing a lot of lately—from cast iron to silicon and wood, trivets with details are all the rage right now. With our handmade fibre wood trivets, you can group accessories on your coffee table or dresser, or even arrange knick-knacks on your nightstand. On the table to set your favourite serving bowl on, on your office desk to place your potted plant, or even on your side tables where you love placing your candles.

If you're wondering what else you can do with your handmade and wooden trivets, give us a shout, and we'll show you plenty more. These wooden trivets, combined with matching handmade coasters and wooden cutlery holders, are also perfect housewarming and wedding gifts.

  • Mugs

Making coffee or tea for ourselves and then taking a few quiet moments to enjoy the sunshine in our reading nook, desk, or dining table is part of our morning routine. We always look for that one mug that speaks to us and uses it repeatedly. Be it frosted or clear, stoneware or ceramic, we all have special mugs that speak to us. We have a collection of mugs with handmade and custom art, ranging from florals to birds and intricate Madhubani designs infused into your daily dose of coffee at Studio Decorai.

  • Coasters

Are you a party animal, décor diva, or fun host? Yes? Then our collection of handmade coasters is for you. From watercolour florals to birds and intricately designed Madhubani art, our handmade coasters will be a lovely addition to your home. Our collection of handmade coasters makes heads turn with their quirkiness and is crafted with a lot of love and attention to detail in our studio. You can simply mix and match the coasters and glassware with the right centrepieces, depending on your style and taste. Our Flight of Fancy Coasters set is an excellent choice to pair with our bird-themed trays for a stunning bird-themed display. You can also set up a traditional theme by pairing the Madhuban coaster set with the Matsya or the Sunset Dancers trays and cutlery holders to woo your guests. They also make the cutest gifts for festivals, birthdays, and other occasions.


And don’t think you are stuck with basic colours or styles—nature makes our colour palette, so we are always experimenting and getting inspired by nature’s many elements when we create handmade home décor items.

There’s pretty much always something to do, something to create, and big plans for the perfect swoon-worthy home. After all, it’s where we live, and each of these elements creates a wonderful atmosphere.

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