Personalised Guru Purnima Presents!

Personalised Guru Purnima Presents!

Teachers are often unsung heroes in our lives, and they play a vital role in shaping our future and preparing us for the challenges ahead. Our gurus are not limited to just the ones we encounter in schools or universities. Many different types of gurus in our lives play different roles in shaping who we are and helping us grow every day. With their guidance and support, we are where we are today. That's why they deserve the most enormous thank you we can give.


Not just providing us with knowledge and education, our teachers impart valuable life lessons, teach new skills, help us think critically, and explore new ideas. With their expertise and guidance, we can achieve our goals and dreams. Our teachers provide emotional support and believe in us when we don't believe in ourselves, and inspire us to be our best selves. They show us how to be responsible, compassionate, and resilient. They are our role models and mentors and make a lasting impact on our lives. They are the ones we remember long after leaving school or the workplace.


As a student, finding perfect Guru Purnima gifts can be challenging. After all, they have played a significant role in shaping you. So, it's essential to show your appreciation in a meaningful way. Personalised gifts for teachers this Guru Purnima are one of the best ways to thank them and show your appreciation for all they have done for you. Here are some of our favourite picks that will make your teacher delighted!


Personalised stationery

Teachers love receiving and giving hand-written notes and the feelings that go along with these hand-written notes. What better way to show appreciation than with a personalised gift for a teacher? Our personalised stationery with nature-inspired artwork and adorable motifs will surely make them excited to sit down and start writing. The thoughtfulness of this Guru Purnima gift will surely be remembered fondly.

This season's favourites are All about Blue, Chevron Bougainvillea, Lily Pond, and Summer Vine personalised stationery sets.


Notebook and Luggage Tags

Is your teacher someone who loves travelling? Then you are at the right place – look no further than our adorable and creative notebooks and luggage tags—the best gift for a teacher from a student in India. What's more incredible is that you can personalise the cover with the teacher's name, making it truly one-of-a-kind. But we don't stop there. Our luggage tags are also a must-have for any travelling teacher. Our notebook and luggage tag gifting sets are functional and a thoughtful gesture for the teacher who loves to journal and travel.


Personalised Watchbox

Never undermine the power of the watch box, especially if you know that your mentor at work or favourite teacher love collecting watches. Not only are they practical and stylish, but they also add a personal touch that shows how much you appreciate them. And yes, they can be personalised with a message, name, or initials etched onto a steel plate. Our premium hand-milled leather watch boxes are best sellers for a reason. Wouldn't this make an excellent gift for your Guru?


Candles Set

Another lovely way to show your mentors and teachers appreciation is our small-batch artisanal candles made of pure soy wax and beeswax! These unique candles are the perfect personalised gift for teachers, parents, or mentors. There is a scent for every taste, with various delightful fragrances available, including fruity and floral tones like plumeria, bergamot, and lavender and woodsy notes like white musk and cedarwood. Each candle is thoughtfully crafted with all-natural and organic ingredients, ensuring a clean burn that smells amazing and is also good for the environment. Your teachers will treasure these unique and thoughtful gifts for years to come!


Silk Scarves

silk scarf

You can gift our silk scarves for that special teacher who is always dressed to the nines and loves styling. If you want teachers' day gift ideas for females, look no further than our exquisite silk scarves. Our scarves are beautiful, elegant, and functional - the perfect addition for a touch of sophistication to any outfit. Made from high-quality silk, they're soft to the touch and gentle on the skin, making them a pleasure to wear all day long.


 Your teacher will love the stunning patterns and colours, and it's a gift that stands out from the chocolates and cards – a true luxe gift.


Multi-Utility Holders

multi utility holder

Celebrate the teacher or mentor in your life with our multi-utility holders. For the uber-organised teacher, a stunning holder on her desk will get her jumping with delight. These gorgeous organisers are perfect for keeping pens, pencils, notepads, and other small items in one place while also adding a touch of style to any workspace. Crafted from high-quality wood and featuring various beautiful designs inspired by nature, our multi-utility holders are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Whether your teacher is a fan of minimalist designs or prefers something a little more whimsical, our collection of unique teacher gift ideas has something for everyone.


Coffee Mugs & Coasters Set

coaster set

Our coaster and mug sets are handcrafted with care and attention to detail, and feature unique and eye-catching designs, from nature-inspired motifs to bold and colourful patterns. Each coaster and mug set is a work of art in its own right, making them the perfect gift for anyone who appreciates beauty and creativity. This is a unique teachers' day gift idea for the teacher, Guru, or mentor who loves their morning cuppa tea or caffeine shot while keeping their workspace neat.


Wall Art

wall art

 For the Guru in your life who loves art or decorating, our wall art collection will surely make them happy. Our nature-inspired art is cool to look at, spruces up the place, and brings nature's beauty into their homes, office, or classrooms. Your teacher will surely appreciate the thought and effort that went into creating a unique and meaningful gift, no matter the type of wall art you choose.


So, if you have a teacher in your life, take a moment to thank them for everything they've done for you. It's the best way we can show our appreciation, respect, and gratitude.

We'd love to hear what you got your Guru this year!

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