Unique Parent's Day Gifts

Unique Parent's Day Gifts

While curating gifts for moms, dads, friends, and more, we knew we wanted to create a remarkable collection of unique gifts for parents and Parent's Day gift ideas. We understand that not every parent is a mom, and not every mom is a biological one.

Sometimes, our elder siblings take on the role of the primary parent, or it could only be your dad or even your grandparents. Many a time, we also see teachers take on the role of a parent when they see a child struggling.

If you are looking for fun, serious, luxurious, or budget-friendly gifts, and for traditional and not-so-traditional parents, we are here with a variety of handcrafted parents day gift ideas that will have them jumping with joy.

Here's the list of unique parent's day gift ideas:

1. Scarves and Pocket Squares
2. Mugs
3. Notebook
4. Watchbox & Jewellery Organiser
5. Coaster Sets
6. Candles
7. Personalised Stationery Set


Scarves and Pocket Squares


Our collection of silk pocket squares and scarves will do wonders for parents who love dressing up or even twinning. A versatile, square, or long silk scarf looks gorgeous and glamours any outfit. Your dad will love his silk pocket square and twinning with Mom. They undoubtedly will love ramping up their elegance with these luxurious and unique Parent's Day gifts. 

Your parents will be reminded of their love and connection as they wrap themselves in these magnificent silk scarves or tuck these pocket squares into their outfits. They will feel linked to each other, confident, and fashionable every time they wear them, as a constant reminder of your beautiful relationship with them. Gorgeous and distinctive individualised presents for her and him - each set comes wrapped in beautiful gift boxes that they will love opening.


Whether your parents or parent figure are nature lovers, love hiking, or enjoy their morning cuppa' coffee in the garden, our nature-inspired mugs are sure to please. From floral patterns to intricate birds and forest scenes, there are countless options in clear and frosted glass that will suit your parents' tastes.

At Studio Decorai, our nature-inspired mugs are truly special as they evoke calm and serenity. It's about the warm feeling you get when sipping your preferred beverage adorned with many elements of nature. It's also a lovely reminder to step back and appreciate the beauty around us. 

Don't you think these are gorgeous and unique gifts for parents?



A handmade notebook is an excellent way to organise your ideas and thoughts. For anyone who enjoys using a personal and unique voice to express their thoughts, ideas, and feelings, they are the ideal creative and personalised present. These notebooks, whether for your dad or your mum or a set of two for them, are more than just a book of blank pages; they're a blank canvas for their imagination and creativity. When they are busy taking care of everyone else, they may rarely have time for themselves – our notebooks help your parents sit back and enjoy. You can also write little notes on why you think they are so awesome to your parents that they can read each day. With a personalised note and package, these make useful and unique gifts for parents. They can also be a lovely gift from parents to children.

Watchbox and Jewellery Organiser




The world is a better place with your parents and parent figures in it. It could be your parents, grandparents, or even older siblings, and nothing that says you love them more than our luxurious watch box or jewellery boxes. Talk about some useful gifts for parents.

Each gorgeous piece is handcrafted with the finest attention to detail from superior hand-milled top-grain leather, perfectly balancing elegance and usability. You can select the statement artwork that best matches your parents from among those that are nautical, botanical, or has a cultural influence. A soft, velvety interior to hold your exquisitely crafted timepieces is revealed as the box is opened. The compartments are expertly and individually handcrafted to keep the watches safe and secure while preventing scratches and damage. Each leather watch box and teak wood jewellery box can also be further customised with initials or a particular message onto a steel plate or added to the artwork to be remembered forever. Each beautifully crafted box comes in a special gift box that will genuinely awe your parents.

Coaster Sets 

coaster sets

Our distinctive nature-inspired coasters are conversation starters on their own and have all the cosiness and warmth of an evening of festivities. If you genuinely want to go above and beyond, you may buy them a set of coasters from our collection if it matches your budget and their wants. Each set of coasters is unique and a little masterpiece, full of character and individuality, ranging from rich, warm tones of floral and bird motifs to elaborate Madhubani art.

Yes, you can combine our coaster and mug sets. For parents who love pretty coasters, and dislike their coffee tables stained, a gift set of our nature-inspired coasters and mugs is truly loved. A beautiful nature-themed mug on a Birds of India coaster - wouldn't that be amazing? You are taking your parents on a nature trail right from their homes.

It is one of the best Parent's Day gift ideas, even for someone who doesn't want any gifts.


If your parents are always running from one activity to the other, meetings, schedules, or even running after their grandkids, they need our all-organic pure soy wax and beeswax candles to relax after a busy day. Studio Decorai's organic hand-poured candles are an excellent choice for your parents looking to unwind, de-stress, and enjoy the little things.

Our hand-poured organic candles are available in a wide range of enticing scents, including plumeria, bergamot, neroli, lavender & oudh, cedarwood, white musk, pomegranate, and tuberose. Thanks to these calming scents, they can unwind and relax like in a tranquil retreat. The candles are kept in chic glass jars that look great with any decor. They'll adore lighting these candles after work for a relaxing evening while having friends around, watching a movie, or even reading a book. Each candle comes with a lid and a nature-inspired coaster from our collection. Aren't these useful gifts for parents? It shows how much you love and cherish them – the gift of relaxing.

Personalised Stationery Set 

Express your love and gratitude with the gift of a personalised stationery set. Do you remember those little notes that mom or dad would write to you every day or something that you would love to send your parents or children as well? Your parents are back in India, and you are wondering what to gift them. Our personalised stationery set is just the gift you may be looking for. The combination of sweet artwork in a collection of note cards, notebooks, letter sheets, and gift tags makes useful gifts for parents. If your parents love writing, they will be elated to receive this gift. Add an all-organic hand-poured soy wax candle for them to create the perfect relaxing atmosphere, and sit back and enjoy writing letters. As personalised gifts for parents, each set will be customised with the two names and make useful gifts for parents.

So, are you ready to tell your parents, grandparents, and parent figures how much you appreciate them? Even how much they appreciate you. Go ahead, and get something to let them know how much they mean to you.

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