Best Online Gifting Ideas for Employees

Best Online Gifting Ideas for Employees

Your employees need to know they are appreciated and loved. Why just during the holiday and festive seasons? You can send gifts for employees’ appreciation whenever you feel like it, be it their birthday, a special or important occasion in their life, and of course during the festive season and holidays. If you believe in creating unforgettable experiences through unique gifts for your employees, you are in the right place!

Gifting is an art, and curating the perfect gift for your employees should also be a stress-free and enjoyable experience. For minimalists or maximalists, for luxury or on a budget, Studio Decorai has unique gift ideas for your employees that will make them jump up with joy and know that they are truly appreciated. Whether feminine or masculine, you don’t need to go for the regular or boring; our unique gift ideas also include some fun and nature-inspired unique gifts for employees to show your appreciation.

Gifts for employee appreciation can be both useful and thematic, keeping with the brand values, while also being quirky and fun when needed. No matter what the occasion is, gifts boost employee morale and make them feel valued.

Here are some of our unique gift ideas for employee appreciation as well as holiday gift ideas for your employees.

  • For the Fashionable Ladies

Synonymous with sophistication and style, silk scarves are evergreen. For all the wonderful ladies on your team, an indulgent gift box consisting of a beautiful botanical-themed silk scarf along with an aromatherapy soy wax candle will rejuvenate them like none other. Curated in a special gift box that can be further customised, the ladies would surely love it. Talk about something special!

Our best-selling scarves this season that would be perfect as gifts for employee appreciation are the Krishna Leela Madhubani Silk Scarf, Dahlia Dusk Scarf, Sunshine Blue Silk Scarf, Meadows of Love Silk Dupattas, and the Camellia Chloris Silk Scarf.

This versatile layer can be worn all year. They are the sweetest treat to celebrate her wins, whether at work or in life. Combined with the sweet fragrances of our hand-poured, all-natural soy and beeswax candles, they make splendid gifts for employee appreciation. 

  • For the Coffee/Tea Lovers

For the coffee or tea aficionados, or even the ones who love beautiful things on their desks and homes, our nature-themed drinkware sets are wonderful gift ideas for employees on a budget. You have the option to choose one or more pieces of drinkware—a mug, glass tumblers, or espresso cups—and pair them with a coaster for a cute yet functional gift box. Our best-selling handmade coasters this season that are perfect gifts for employee appreciation are the Flight of Fancy set of coasters, Garden Birds set of coasters, Madhuban set of coasters, Birds of Paradise set of coasters, Birds of India set of coasters, it’s all about Pink set of coasters, and Into the Sunshine set of coasters. Each of these coasters can be paired with our Koi Pond Mugs, the Wildflowers Mugs, the Royal Iris Mugs, The Sunbird Frosted Mug, the Blue Magpie Mug, or the Jolly Hibiscus Mugs.

  • The Self-Care Package

In a world where self-care and wellness are important, one of our unique gifts for employees is wonder and therapy in a box! With our new special gifts collection, you can offer your employees beautiful aromatherapy candles with a wide variety of fragrances that will elevate their mood to the next level.

With nature's sweetest scents and beautifully crafted coasters, each of our themed candle gift boxes is sure to put a smile on their faces! With so many fragrances to choose from, you're going to find something they'll love if they love candles. Each special gift box includes three specially chosen fragrances and coasters, along with a handwritten personal note.

Each self-care and wellness package is specially curated to reduce stress, relax, refresh, and help them be their best selves.

  • For the Party Animal

Is your employee someone who loves to party or host events? Why not show your appreciation for their love of life and all things fun with our set of nature-themed drinkware and coasters, which will be the perfect party setup for them? Intentionally designed for the fun folk, this large gift box is filled with all kinds of goodness for your employee to enjoy. Unique gift ideas for employees on a budget that is as cute as they are functional—consider their stress officially relieved!

Some of our best-selling glassware this season that would be awesome as gifts for employees are the Gulmohar Glory Glass, Purple Sunbird Glass, Elena Rose Glass, Rosy Starling Glass, and the Koi Pond Glass, accompanied with our It’s all about Pink set of coasters, Into the Sunshine coasters, Birds of India set of coasters, and the Dance of Lazuli set of coasters.

  • Anyone for Personalised Gifts?

The way our handmade gifts have won the hearts of many, our personalised multipurpose pouch would be an awesome handmade and unique gift idea for employee appreciation, especially for the one who is always organised on the go. Plus, this versatile pouch can be styled for many occasions—your employee would be elated to receive this one. Those who want to make an impression will love this statement pouch.

Made of genuine silk and leather, each pouch is perfect as a clutch for an evening out. This personalised multi-purpose pouch is stylish, handy, and spacious, making it a splendid and unique gift idea for employee appreciation and even on Women’s Day.

Why just for the one who loves travelling? If you would love to give personalised gifts to all your employees, our set of personalised notebooks will make perfect gift ideas for employees on a budget. Each handmade and personalised notebook can be accompanied by a special note card or gift card and delivered in a custom box. These personalised notebooks can help them plan their days at work, remember schedules, and note the lovely aspects of their lives.

Chances are they have seen them online, and we are sure they’d love receiving one. You can pick from our bestselling notebooks like The Lilies, All About Blue, Tropical Rainforest, Koi Pond, Hoot On, Ray of Hope, Pink Frangipani, Serenity, or even Madagascar and Wild & Free.

  • For the One Who Loves Writing

The lovely employee who loves writing as much as decorating their desk deserves our beautiful, personalised stationery sets. Packed full of tools for that perfect letter, our signature personalised stationery boxes make lovely, curated gifts for employees and are a treasure trove of fun. Let them get creative with our stylish, personalised stationery sets, where they can send little notes. A personalised stationery set as a unique gift for employee appreciation is sensible, useful, and always thoughtful, whether it's a personal note, thank-you card, long letter, or even a notepad to capture their thoughts and doodle away.

Each personalised gift comes in a themed box with custom-printed gift tags and a handwritten note card appreciating it, which gives the perfect finishing touch to these gorgeous boxes. These boxes, filled with items both useful and indulgent, are meant to spoil your employees.

  • How about some Luxe Watch Boxes?

Nothing says appreciation quite like our premium watch boxes. If you want to give some super luxe gifts to your employees for a year well spent or for a momentous occasion in their life or your corporation, look no further. A statement piece for them—the watch connoisseurs, you know who they are.

If you are shopping for a watch lover, get their game on with our best-selling watch boxes that make the perfect luxury gift ideas for employee appreciation. Made of premium hand-milled top-grain leather, our leather watch boxes will keep their timepieces safe and sound. They’d love having them on the dresser. As gifts, they can be personalised with a name, initials, or a special message for them. Depending on your colour preferences, you can choose from our bestselling Black Beauty, Burgundy, Champagne, Jade, Sapphire, and Star Gazer collections, with artwork inspirations ranging from florals and nautical to Madhubani and Egyptian art. These watch boxes will be the perfect addition to their collection—these handcrafted leather watch boxes are best-sellers for a reason.

We certainly hope our suggestions have inspired you to pick some fun and unique gifts for employee appreciation this year. So go ahead, relax, and choose your gifts with ease. Don’t worry, they’d love it too! 

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