Handmade/Personalized Housewarming Gift Ideas

Top Handmade Housewarming Gift Ideas for Every Budget

New homes are worth celebrating, and unique housewarming gifts make your family and friends feel right at home. The feeling of having your loved one buy a new home or rent a new place is exciting, and yes, you get to attend the housewarming party as well! A thoughtfully chosen housewarming gift for friends makes a difference in turning a house into a home.

Do you have a family member or friend moving into a new house? You are at the right place then – helping them unfold the new stories they'd write.

At Studio Decorai, you will find our top picks for unique housewarming gift ideas that incorporate their unique style and are thoughtful, personal, and, of course, useful. It doesn’t matter what your budget is; we have useful housewarming gifts for every budget.

From trays to coasters and luxe décor items like original wall art and gorgeous candles, keep scrolling to see some of our best housewarming gifts for friends and family.

  • Pretty stuff for the wall

    Is your friend one who loves wall art—quirky, cute, or even nature-inspired? How about some beautiful art for their walls? Whether having friends over, watching TV, or even having lunch with family, beautiful homes are inviting, and custom wall art makes for gorgeous, personalised housewarming gifts.
    Our wall art collection includes art prints, wall plates, and even original art. The Superb Fairy Wren, Birds of India Oriole, and Birds of India Rufous Sibia are among our best-selling art prints this year. Bought together, they also make gorgeous housewarming gifts for friends. Just think about how gorgeous they’d look on their walls.

    • Birds of India set of coasters

      We only think of coasters when a beautiful wooden table gets marred with white rings of dread. Don’t let that happen to your friends’ new tabletops. Get them a beautiful set of coasters as a useful housewarming gift—they are useful and gorgeous. Our collection of coasters is elegant, and since they come in a set of six, there are enough for a small celebration. Inspired by the magnificent little and not-so-little birds of India, these coasters make splendid and useful housewarming gifts.

      • The Kitchen Enthusiast

        Do you know what is underappreciated in the kitchen? A must-have tool: trivets. They are essential, but not all use them. How about getting the new homeowners a beautiful and versatile set of trivets from Studio Decorai? Elegant, modern, and nature-inspired trivets that bring happiness and sunshine to your home. Each artfully made trivet set is originally hand painted and printed on premium medium-density board, then double laminated for a longer life. Your friends and family would love using them in their kitchens, dining spaces, or even on their coffee tables to set up their candles, knickknacks, and other bits around their new home. Aren’t they some of the best housewarming gifts available?
        Our bestselling trivets this season are the Birds of Paradise, Serenity, Steel Magnolias, Vriddhi—the Song of Prosperity, Magnolia Blossoms, Sunshine on Your Table, and Little Blu from the East.

        • Dance of the Lazuli Combo

          Finding the perfect gift is rather daunting. If you are looking for some clever ways to help them set up their homes, our Dance of the Lazuli Combo is ideal for the perfect table spread. You literally can’t go wrong with this. This wonderful set has it all: a teakwood tray that will look gorgeous on your coffee table or dining table; coasters for all those parties; trivets to place gorgeous food on; and if you want the whole shebang, we recommend getting the placemats as well. They make a lovely, personalised housewarming gift. Each component of these is available individually as well, so yes, they fit all budgets. Your friends and family would truly appreciate getting such useful housewarming gifts.

          • Let’s have fun: Drink Coasters Set

            Fancy some parties with friends? Getting a gift for a friend who is moving into a new home and loves to throw parties but doesn’t want to ruin their table? Our Let’s Have Fun Coaster Set is perfect for them. They'd have a good time with these cute coasters, and their tables wouldn't be stained by those pesky white rings. What better way to cheer them on than with these fun coasters? A useful and unique housewarming gift they’d surely enjoy.

            • Splash of Flowers Tray and Cutlery Combo

              A sleek and simple tray and cutlery holder set for the organised home. With this combo set, they’d have space for everything in their kitchen or dining room. It can also be used around their office as a stationery organiser.

              • Wildflowers Mugs

              Want your friends to be beaming with joy? Get them our gorgeous wildflower mug set. They will love wrapping their fingers around these mugs for a feeling of absolute serenity. Want more? You can pair them with our Tropical Sunshine hand-poured pure soy wax candle for a day reminiscent of sunshine, walks in the wild, and holidays.

              • Vriddhi Song of Prosperity Jewellery Box

                If your friends love decorating their homes, our multipurpose jewellery boxes is ideal for them. They can enhance their hallway console, dresser, or even their tabletop with this elegant jewellery box. There are many styles to choose from which are stylish and timeless that match any décor preference. Made of teakwood with our beautiful artwork, there are many options to choose from. You may even want this beauty for yourself.

                • Madhuban Coasters

                  Add life to a new home with these magnificent coasters. They are unique, gorgeous, and totally useful. Created in a traditional Madhubani style, the artworks are splendid and will brighten up wherever they are used. Your friends will love decorating their homes and serving their drinks in style.

                  • Tropical Sunshine Candles

                  A fancy candle never goes unappreciated. If you are getting a housewarming gift for someone, our tropical sunshine candle, our crowd pleaser is just indulgent enough for them to enjoy and to buy them over and over again. It smells like a day in the park, or holidays, and the sweet, spicy, woodsy and creamy smell is reminiscent of younger days and freshness. 

                  • Happiness Beeswax Candle 

                  Having an evening of comfort is fundamental to a home. After the busy days of moving in, your friends will love these naturally scented beeswax candles set that is calming, rejuvenating, and evokes memories. Our happiness beeswax candle sets are hand poured and made of pure essential oils in a mix of fragrances including Spicy Bergamot, Classic Oudh, and Plumeria. Your friends will love these personalized housewarming gifts thoughtfully chosen for them.

                  • Purple Sunbird Shot Glasses

                  Bring some fun and luxury to your soirees with our shot glasses. Yes, we have more of these beauties in our store. Vibrantly patterned, our limited edition shot glasses are showstoppers and will be loved by everyone.

                  • Little Blu from the East Tray

                    Setting up a new home, they’d surely need a space for throwing in their keys, coins, and even that little bottle of sanitizer near the doorway. You might as well give them a cute little tray for doing just that. Our bestselling Little Blu from the East teakwood trays will look magnificent in their doorway, on their coffee table, or even on their desk.

                    • Elena Rose Mug Set

                    Tea and coffee enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate receiving the lovely Elena Rose Mug. You don’t have to spend a fortune, and you can get them in a set of two as housewarming gifts for your friends. Just like how the double-layered Elena rose lily is a favourite in landscape design, these mugs evoke memories of holidays, expansive gardens, and your favourite books. Your friends would surely love receiving these for their morning doze of tea or coffee.

                    • Sweet Wilderness Aromatherapy

                    It is always busy after moving into a new home. Gift your friends our luxurious cedarwood-infused Sweet Wilderness pure soy hand-poured candles. This warm and complex fragrance is luxuriously warm and inviting, reminiscent of the great outdoors—a walk through the woods. You can also keep the house smelling wonderful even after the candles burn out.

                    If they love candles, with so many fragrances to choose from, you’ll definitely find one they don’t have yet.

                    • The Little Organizer

                      If they are ones who are constantly misplacing things or want things easily accessible, our Sunset Dancers cutlery and napkin holders will be a unique housewarming gift idea. They can sort their cutlery and cloth napkins neatly in the defined slots. They can also organise their TV accessories, like remote controls, or even use it as a desk organiser for stationery and a little notepad.

                      • Steel Magnolias Trivets and Cutlery Holder

                         If you are looking for a beautiful yet unique housewarming gift, look no further than our best-selling Steel Magnolias collection. Your friends can choose to place them in their kitchen, dining room, or even on your office desk. Even if they have relocated to a small space, they are ideal. 

                        Our housewarming gifts are so good that you might want to keep them for yourself. No matter their personality or style, celebrate their happiness with these unique housewarming gift ideas.

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