Collection: Art Prints

Always inspired by nature and culture - Our gallery is here to turn your empty walls into a cute and quirky display of beautiful art that is uniquely yours.

All our artwork has been created by Krishna Rai with a lot of love.


1. What are Art Prints?

At Studio Decorai, premium quality art prints based on our original artworks are available online. Fine-quality art prints are relatively new and extremely popular for people who don’t want to invest in original artwork, and much more inspiring than a generic and mainstream print or poster.

2. Where can I find handmade paintings online?

Many online platforms sell original art and fine art prints online. At Studio Decorai, our customized handmade paintings are available as originals and as art prints. While you may find it safer to buy original art from registered large art platforms and galleries, you can also visit the artist’s website. This gives the buyer an option to choose from a larger number of their art displayed and also saves the buyer from paying a commission fee. Buying directly from the artist helps the buyer select a different medium or size.

3. What colours do we use to make these handmade paintings?

All our original art is created on premium and handmade paper sourced from various paper mills globally and painted using high-quality extra fine professional watercolour paints.

4. Why are our nature-themed handmade paintings available online a perfect addition to your Home Decor?

If you love nature and looking to get little bits of nature into your home, our original handmade paintings and art prints are the perfect addition to your home. Nature is an immense topic, and our detailed Birds and Flowers collections bring the beauty of nature into everyday life. Our original art and art prints are available in a variety of sizes and colours. Upon request, they can also be custom framed.

5. On what Canvas/Paper are these customized handmade paintings online made?

All our original customized handmade paintings are painted on high-quality acid-free cotton-based 300+ gsm paper. Studio Decorai’s fine art prints are also printed on premium-quality 300 gsm paper that enhances the beauty of each customized handmade painting.

6. Is it safe to buy customized handmade paintings online?

Before you buy artwork online make sure it is signed. Artists and galleries also provide certificates of authenticity for their original artwork. If you are paying via a secured and trusted service provider, it is safe to pay online as you can file a dispute and get your money back if something goes wrong.

You should also check the refund and returns policy when buying handmade paintings, art prints and other original art online. If it is not what you expected, it can be returned or shipped within a stipulated period.

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