Handmade Gift Ideas for Husband

Top Customised Gifts for your Husband

No matter the occasion, your favourite man deserves the most awesome gift for being the best husband, fiancé, or boyfriend ever. Sometimes it is so difficult to get something for someone who has just about everything. Not just for your anniversary, but also for Valentine's Day, Father’s Day, and your favourite festivals, and we don’t blame you for totally running out of ideas.

Through all the highs and lows of life—kids, work, new homes, relocations—he’s been your biggest supporter. So, how do you get a gift so exceptional that it appreciates the awesome husband, fiancé, or boyfriend you have? A gift that celebrates him and is perfect enough for someone you appreciate and who means the world to you!

Fret not, you are at the right place for amazing handmade gift ideas for husbands, fiancés, and boyfriends. Studio Decorai has gathered the best handmade gift ideas for husbands that speak to their interests and the things you both enjoy.

They are so good, you may want to bookmark this page for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Women’s Day ,Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or any other day when you are looking for thoughtful gift ideas for your husband or partner.

  • Watch Box

Does your husband have a lot of watches but unsure how to protect them? His birthday is the perfect excuse to get our premium leather watch box, where he can store his watches in style. Made of premium hand-milled top-grain leather, our leather watch boxes come in several colour and art options. With statement artworks—nautical, botanical, or one with a cultural influence—you can choose one that suits your partner best. Furthermore, each watch box can be further personalised with initials or a special message on the artwork or a steel-etched plate to remember you forever. Let him feel pampered with this bespoke leather watch box—the best gift for the man who means the world to you. Depending on your colour preferences, you can choose from our bestselling Black Beauty, Burgundy, Champagne, Jade, Sapphire, Santorini, and Star Gazer collections, with artwork inspirations ranging from florals and nautical to Madhubani and Egyptian art. These watch boxes will be the perfect addition to their collection—these luxurious handcrafted leather watch boxes are best-sellers for a reason. Remind them just how much you love them with our customised collection of limited-edition watch boxes.

They will love seeing these watch boxes in their room every day.

  • Multipurpose Box/Jewellery Box

For the guy who loves his pocket squares, watches, and is also organised, our Madagascar–African Safari collection of multipurpose boxes will make a unique gift idea for men. With artwork inspired by nature, each multipurpose box is individually crafted from teak wood. They are easy to open and store in your beautiful collection of silk pocket squares, and knickknacks. The handmade jewellery and multipurpose box are perfect for safekeeping and spacious enough to hold multiple things.

They can be used as a jewellery box as well as a statement piece on their dresser.

  • Personalised Stationery

The ideal gift for the man who has everything except his own set of personalised stationery. Is your husband constantly sending you notes or looking for new ways to use his fancy new fountain pen? If they are into luxe stationery but are missing some personalised stationery, get them a handmade set from our collection of personalised stationery. Whether it's a personal note, thank-you card, long letter, or even a notepad to capture their thoughts and doodle away, our personalised stationery sets are one-of-a-kind customised gifts for husbands—beautiful, sensible, useful, and always thoughtful.

Each personalised gift set comes in a sustainable box with custom-printed gift tags and a handwritten note card appreciating them, which gives the perfect finishing touch to these gorgeous boxes. These boxes, filled with items both useful and indulgent, are meant to spoil your #1 man. It will remind him of all the reasons you love him.

  • Coasters

Our unique coasters have all the warmth and cosiness of an evening of celebrations, and our unique coasters are statement pieces on their own. If you really want to go the extra mile and get something they’d love that also fits your budget, you can gift them a lovely set from our collection of handmade coasters. Our handmade coasters will make unique handmade gifts for your husband, with designs ranging from watercolour florals and birds to intricately designed Madhubani art and quirky artwork. Our cheeky yet fun mutual weirdness and glazed-up coasters are meant for those cute couples who are overflowing with sweetness for each other.
  • Notebooks

It is always nice to have a notebook handy to keep your ideas and thoughts in one place. If your husband or partner is someone who loves to write, journal, doodle, or even compose music, our notebooks are designed for them. From listing their tasks to doodling, sketching, journalling, and writing little notes to you, our notebooks make unique, customised gifts for the best friends in your life. These notebooks can help them plan their days at work, remember schedules, and note the lovely aspects of their lives. Don’t miss out on our many offers on notebooks and stationery. You can also fill in the pages of these books with reasons why you think your man is just so awesome.

Chances are they have seen them online, and we are sure they’d love receiving one. You can pick from our collection of best selling notebooks like Madagascar, Soaring High, Hoot On, All About Blue, or even Koi Pond. Yes, they can be personalised too! Isn’t this such a thoughtful gift idea for husbands?

  • Shot Glasses

If your guy says he is a connoisseur of fine wines and alcohol, he will love our lovely shot glasses to flaunt at every gathering. Why not show your appreciation for their love of life and celebrate with them and our set of nature-themed drinkware and coasters, which will be the perfect party setup for them? Our shot glasses are one-of-a-kind, handmade gift ideas for your husband, fiancé, partner, or boyfriend. You can also pair them with our quirky coasters for a fun evening of celebrating with friends. If he loves nature and the outdoors, he will love our nature-inspired drinkware. They are functional, look awesome, and fit all budgets—consider their stress level now officially relieved! There are four glasses in each set, and they come with cheeky drink coasters that will make your party more entertaining.

Some of our favourite glassware this season that would be awesome as surprise gifts for your men are the Elena Rose, Gulmohar Glory, Purple Sunbird, Rosy Starlings, and Koi Pond glasses, accompanied with our cheeky coasters, Let's have fun—drink coasters, it’s all about Pink set of coasters, Into the Sunshine coasters, Birds of India set of coasters, and the Dance of Lazuli set of coasters.

There you go. We found some really cool ideas for customised gifts for your husband. Go ahead, get something that shows how much he truly means to you!

  • Mugs

Is your husband or partner someone who is addicted to their morning coffee and enjoys having it with you every day? If your husband loves his coffee as much as we do, he will love our new collection of nature-inspired mugs. A mug from our latest collection will be an awesome surprise gift for your husband. Our mugs come in a gorgeous range of frosted glassware infused with art inspired by nature. Your husband will enjoy his morning cuppa with you and these serene mugs. Our favourites of this season are the wildflowers, the blue magpie, the rosy starlings, the gulmohar glory, the purple sunbird, and the royal iris.


  • Candles

Who says only girls like candles? Many of us think that men don’t like candles or don’t like getting scented candles as gifts. Well, newsflash: men love and appreciate a good fragrance too. Why not give your beau a scented candle reminiscent of your last trip to the mountains, that romantic getaway to a beautiful tropical island, or even the adventure trip he enjoyed with his buddies?

These make some romantic gift ideas for your husband. If they love good fragrances, then they need the proper collection to match. They’d love our customised gift-for-men set that has a collection of three fantastic natural scents in premium beeswax candles to rejuvenate them. Candles bring comfort and joy and, of course, elevate the atmosphere in any room. Our curated boxes contain the right mix of luxury candles and ooze happiness. Believe us, they'd light them up for a cosy evening.

Our season’s favourites for the perfect surprise gift for men are Tropical Sunshine, Tequila Sunrise, and Renaissance as a gift set of pure, hand-poured beeswax candles. Our other favourites for an elevated experience are Memories, Autumn, Sweet Wilderness, English Summer, and Enchanted for their woodsy and fresh notes. Isn’t this the perfect romantic gift idea for your husband?

  • Silk Pocket Squares

For the men who appreciate good things! If there’s one wardrobe essential, he will wear for years to come, it’s our nature-inspired pure silk pocket squares. For those date nights, work trips, and even the fancy wedding you are attending this year, these pocket squares are for sartorial elegance and a fantastic option when you are looking for handmade gift ideas for your husband. You know they will buy just about anything before they go get that pocket square, they have been eyeing for some time. You can’t go wrong with our beautiful pure silk pocket squares in some gorgeous prints. Yes, we have something for both him and her. Your partner in crime and you can get matching scarves or pocket squares as well.

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